Red Panda Essex VT

About Us.


Our family originates from the Himalayan region of Nepal where we have lived and worked as Sherpas for many generations. Food is more than just nutrition to the Sherpa people – it is a way of life. The spices originating from this area of the world have many benefits to circulation and heart health among many other things. These spices are helpful for living in high altitudes and they are what allow the Sherpa people to exist and thrive in such conditions. It was our dream to open a restaurant and share this experience with new people.

Today our dream has been realized with the opening of our restaurant in Esses VT. We operate Red Panda Essex with our family and closest friends, sharing our favorite dishes and staple foods from Nepal and the surrounding regions. We enjoy meeting people from the community and sharing our culture and experiences as Everest climbers. Please come visit Red Panda for an authentic Nepalese experience and let us share our culture with you!

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